Meet the Milestone: Dr Amit Chakma, President, UWO


Dr. Amit Chakma, a dynamic and gifted academic leader, is the 10th President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. “Stepping into the role of Western’s tenth president is a humbling and energizing experience”, says Amit Chakma.




Amit arrived at Western after serving
the University of Waterloo since 2001 as Vice-President, Academic &
Provost, and as a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering.
Prior to that, he served as Dean of Engineering and then Vice-President
(Research) and International Liaison Officer at the University of
Regina. He resumed his academic career as a professor of chemical and
petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary


Amit is
a leading expert in petroleum research and energy management
with over 100 research articles. He is a graduate of the Algerian
Petroleum Institute (Dip. Ing., 1982) and the University of British
Columbia (Master of Applied Science, 1984 and PhD, Chemical
Engineering, 1987). His research interests encompass mass transfer, gas
separation, gas processing, membrane separation, petroleum waste
management, greenhouse gas control technology, and energy and
environmental systems modeling.


Amit also
serves as a chair of the board of Health Force Ontario Marketing and
Recruitment Agency. He is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of
Engineering. In 1998, Chakma earned Canada‘s Top 40 Under 40 Award,
given annually to honour Canada's best and brightest in their fields
younger than 40.


Amit, a member of the Chakma ethnic group of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, was born in beautiful South-Eastern Bangladesh in 1959. At
the foot of mountains, Amit's birthplace, Chittagong Hill Tracts, is
the most beautiful part of Bangladesh, where natural beauty prevails in
simplicity. In the 1980’s, I had the privilege to visit Amit's village
near Rangamati, nestled with nature's breathtaking beauty, where
Chakmas weave their colourful cloths on handlooms in their homes and
dye their cloths with natural dyes. Traditional chakma songs, dance and
cultures are uniquely
entertaining, insightful and delightful.


Amit has set smart ambitious goals to
provide the UWO a leading edge reputation with internationally
recognized excellence in education and stimulating research programs.
He seeks support from every corner of our global village to build a
better tomorrow. Greetings and congratulations Amit and UWO! When
vision, mission and passion merge seamlessly we can expect many magical
moments to turn challenges into opportunities. We wish the very best
of Amit's endeavours.


Amit lives in London, Ontario, Canada with his wife Meena. They have two sons: Justin and Hiroshi.


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Prof. Amit Chakma has agreed to give us an interview. More to come. Stay tuned!


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