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Advances in NanoTechnology offer exciting opportunities for developing sophisticated solutions for challenging applications. Often prospective students seek advice about the academic degree programs in nanotechnology in our global village.  Recently has addressed the issue and stepped up to the task of keeping a comprehensive database and links to 258 programs that can be sorted by level of degree, alphabetically and country. Click on the blue link: Nanotechnology Degree Programs or explore them here: . Explore more….

Three years ago, there were only 150 nanotechnology education programs. Now, you have over 258 choices! If you have real passion for innovation, creative problem solving, science and technology – then nanotechnology is a right choice for you.
To explore in perspective, click on the Nanowerk's database links below:

Bachelor Degree Programs (59)
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Master Degree Programs (129)
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Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) Programs (35)
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Other Degree (Certifications etc.) Programs (35)
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All Programs (258)
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Nanowerk links to 258 nanotech degree programs in 33 countries. According to Nanowerk, here is the list of leading countries who offer the most nanotech education programs:
1. USA – 62 
2. UK – 40
3. Germany – 30
4. India – 18
5. Australia – 17
6. Canada – 15
National Science Foundation, NSF, predicts that nanotechnology will boost the U.S. Economy by US$1 trillion a year by 2015. The NSF expert panel also projects, "The effect of nanotechnology on this century could be at least as significant as the combined influences of microelectronic, medical imaging, computer aided engineering and man-made polymers developed in the past century."  NanoTechnology has yet to make an significant impact on the marketplace.
Possibly the nanotech education programs of China and Japan are missing the Nanowerk's list due to the language barriers. What about our beautiful Bangladesh?
As I write this article, India plan to produce laptops for $35 (=1500 rupee) for students. Even India foresee to subsidize laptops for $10 for students. At the same-time a university student in Bangladesh has voiced his pain to pay newly imposed VAT on the top of his huge tuition fee that he managed by selling his parental property. Here are two contrasting strategic thoughts about vision, problem solving and futuristic opportunity to empower our socially responsible next generation! 
Vision creates value. Let there be vision. "Let there be light." "Attitude determines altitude!"
You may like to explore these links below for in-depth information on nanotechnology in perspective.
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Acknowledgements:,, MW Canada, TexTek Solutions and Dr. S Koul.
Updated: 2010 10 11 

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